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This quantity collects the speeches of 4 orators thinking about the ill-fated resistance of Athens to the ability of Philip and Alexander the nice of Macedon.

Lycurgus of Athens, ca. 396–325 BCE, focused on family affairs, in particular monetary, which he controlled for twelve years, and naval issues. He additionally developed and repaired very important public constructions. Athens refused to give up him to Alexander and honoured him until eventually his dying.

Dinarchus of Corinth, ca. 361–291, as resident alien in Athens grew to become a forensic speaker and in addition assailed Demosthenes and others. He was once accused through Alexander's runaway treasurer Harpalus of corruption. Dinarchus favoured oligarchic executive less than Macedonian keep an eye on. He prospered less than the regency of Demetrius Phalereus (317–307), yet used to be exiled after the recovery of democracy, returning ca. 292.

Demades of Athens, ca. 380–318, used to be an capable seaman, then unscrupulous baby-kisser. He favoured Philip, yet fought for Athens at Chaeronea (338). Captured there and published by way of Philip, he helped to make peace, and later prompted Alexander after which Antipater in Athens' favour. yet reputation of bribes and his tortuous coverage ruined him and he used to be done through Antipater.

Hyperides of Athens, ca. 390–322, used to be a forensic and political speaker who was once opposed to Philip and led Athens' patriots after 325. For resistance to Antipater he finally met dying via violence. What survives this present day of his speeches was once chanced on within the 19th century.

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